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Support me

Thank you for visiting my support page. Receiving donations means the world to me and allows me make my dream come true. There are several ways to donate:


On Patreon you can support me monthly.

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On PayPal you can support me a single time.


You can also send money directly to my bank account, therefore you can email me and I will send you my bank details.


Are you a social media guru? Or an expert writer , photographer, editor or musician? Or do you have any other skills in which you might be able to help me? Let me know by sending me an email.

Thanks to everyone who supported me in any way. Such an intense journey is impossible without the support of love, useful information and advice, food and drink, a bed and a roof, positive reactions, astonished faces, social media likes and the material and financial donations.

It means the absolute world to me!



The monthly contribution on Patreon is (should be) the minor key in the succes of my trip. Thank you…

Jan, Annemarie, Tibart, Didier & Emmanuelle, Johan & Karin, Daan, Albert, Tjerk, Pieter, Tonke

Material support by companies

As well as financial support, I got material support via these companies. Thank you…

  • AGU – Provided me bags, clothes and a helmet. Their philosophy is to design items that can be used in all kind of weather conditions.
  • Poppink – Bikes designed for adventurous trips. The bike contains a steel frame, Rohloff gear hub, dynamo hub, 28” wheels and Maguira hs33 brakes.
  • Vruibuiter – Provides me camping equipment, outdoor gear and outdoor clothes. 


I have a good cover from family, friends and dozens of people I meet on the road, or in other ways. The amount of contributors is wider than we sometimes think. Thank you…

Lian & Coen, Kim, Wilma & Bert, Wanda, Verderest, Tiny, Karin & Ton, Mia, Heidi, Ellen & Wilbert, Harry & Ria, Maarten, Ank, Carla

Peree Bouwadvies, Verschuur-fietsen, Ard, Elias, Roy & Jossie, Henk & Irene, Daan, Jeroen, Mariet, Hanneke, Luuk, Mark, Leny & Jelle, Maria & Claus, Jose & Koos, Faisal & Tessa, Joris & Solange, Barend, Maaike, Bram, Bo, Kristel, Simone, Daniel, Angela, Alex, Irana, Kelly, Dennis, Lloret, Ayla, Karlijn, Joost, Marije J., Freek, Marije T., Eddy, Herman, Nanda, Matthijs, Stijn, Luc, Sylvia, Julie

May the winds be with all of you and enjoy life to the fullest!

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