Inspirational travellers, cyclers and adventurers

Need some inspiration? check out these blogs of experienced travellers.

Iohan Gueorguiev

Iohan is cycling from Canada to Argentina. Currently he is on the road for 3 years already. His videos are incredible. You might think that he should have reached his destination yet, but he didn’t. The road to happiness is not reaching destinations, but the way to them is what leads to it. And that’s what Iohan does. He takes the detours, avoiding crowded cities and asphalt and just enjoy the moments. He showed me that it is possible to travel and come around. He is a great inspiration to me.

Henk van Dillen
My Dutch hero. Henk cycled from Rotterdam to Singapore. He inspired me and a friend to visit countries of the Silk Route in 2015. Nowadays Henk is doing micro adventures such as skating in Scotland and cycling to the North cape.

Sean Conway

My ginger hero. This dude is crushing challenges with his toes. The crazier the challenge seems, the more realistic it will for him to take it. He cycled around the world. His most prestigious accomplishment might be the triatlon of the U.K., in which he swum, ran and cycled the full length of the countries coast. Disciplined.

Jamie McDonald

Jamie cycled from Bangkok to the U.K. and made a cool documentary about it. Afterwards he didn’t sit still and completed a challenge to run from East to West Canada in about 200 marathons, all in order to raise money for charity.

Alastair Humphreys

My other ginger hero. He cycled around the world in 4 years. He has done all kind of other adventures too. Currently he’s doing micro adventures. He is also a writer and speaker.

Ian Partridge 


Ian Partridge is cycling the world. Interesting thing is he’s doing it at an older age than most people do.

Other travellers:

  • Heike Pirngruber – Woman who cycled around the world since 2013.
  • Ed Pratt – Cycled around the world on a unicycle.
  • Bjorn Olsen – Bikerafter, makes great videos and also maps civilization problems.
  • Tom Allen – Adventurer.
  • Will Hatton – Adventurer.
  • Kyle Dempster – Cycled in Kyrgyzstan, great movie. He went missing in 2016 on expedition.
  • Nicholas Gault – slow cycler from Alaska to Argentina, takes time to see things.
  • Jim Baird – Undertakes crazy trips.
  • Mark Beaumont – Cycled around the world 194 days
  • Cici Huang – Chinese girl who couchsurfed at my place. Tremendous mindset. Now cycling the world.
  • Wendy (Reismeisje) – Geat blog, travelled to many different countries.
  • Ben Page – Cycled around the world. Has some great videos.
  • Eric and Amaya (WorldBiking) – Couple try to cycle every country in the world.
  • Zoë & Olivier (WeLeaf) -Couple cycling around the world with a nice website and videos.
  • Matthijs (TravellingTice) – A Dutch guy attempting to cycle to each country in the world, keeps a great blog and vlog.
  • Alvaro Neil – Cycles around the world since 20105, occasionally dressed as a cliniclown to make kids laugh.
  • Nick Thomson – Cycling around the world for an indefinite amount of time.

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