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Since the start of his trip I’m following Ian Partridge (U.K.) via Instagram. Compared to other cyclists I think he’s more down to earth because he’s not trying to get as much attention as possible via social media (unlike myself) and he seems to do what he loves most right now, cycling around the world. But who is Ian and why does he do a cycle trip around the world? Well, I just asked and made this blog post about his journey.

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Breath. 🖖

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Can you tell something about yourself?

I’m not the academic type. I’ve got through life by using my hands, but the brain is still required to be a builder engineer or artist. I can easily make money, but only having enough is enough for me. I learn by my mistakes and the mistakes of other. I married twice and both of them waved me off on my current round the world trip. My two children now 32 and 30 and they have traveled considerably.

Can you tell something about your trip

The concept of a world circumnavigation has been in my head for many years, but I had never considered by bicycle. I had imagined a combination of a van then when I broke down I’d buy a motorbike or jump on a train roof in India etc. The bicycle idea came from seeing Mr. Ed Pratt on YouTube. I thought if he can do it on one wheel in sure I can do it on two wheels. So being the impulsive type I bought what I thought I needed and set off all within 3 months.

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approximation #cycling #worldbicycle #aroundtheworld #retirement

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What is your motivation?

Simply to answer, I’m getting older, although I don’t feel it. So only live once and what can possibly go wrong. If things do go wrong it’ll give my easy life a bit of spice. Travelling alone means sorting out any crap that turns up by instinct, imagination and initiative.

ps. and I like that!

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Sitting on tent bag in the shade eating plums while watching ants after 5 hour uphill.

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What did you learn so far?

I’ve not learnt a lot because I’m well traveled. I’m mainly doing this as a challenge, but I have learnt about other travelers who refuse to see and accept poverty corruption and hypocrisy. They only want to see themselves as photographers of their own heroics.

What do you want to share with fellows?

I’d like to share many things about making cycling easier, but cyclists who do this kind of travel are independent people and everyone including me will justify their own cycle arrangements.

What are your biggest regrets and prides?

Only regret is not doing this when I was younger. The only pride is doing it at 65. So they cancel each other out. 🤣

Other questions

  • Favorite country? Romania
  • Cycled in which countries? U.K., Netherlands, Germany, Czechia, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan.
  • Model bike? B’twin Riverside 900
  • Favourite book? Never read a book in my life. Seriously. Only read snippets of information.
  • Favourite movie? Seraphim Falls
  • Hotel or camping in the wild? Hotel unless amazing camp place. I’ve slept in maybe 5 bus shelters out of necessity. 
  • Hot shower or hot meal after ride? Shower.
  • City or nature? City
  • Rice or potatoes? Potatoes
  • Beer or wine? Wine
  • Mayonnaise or sambal? Mayonnaise
  • Omnivore or herbivore? Omnivore
  • Travel fast or slow? Travel fast
  • Website?
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