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Adrian and Fabian are cycling from Cape to Cape, from the most Northern point in Europe to the most Southern point in Africa. An incredible journey in which they cycled in 27 countries so far and with about 9 more to go. The Swiss duo left in May 2018 and are still going strong. A big part of my route is similar to theirs, and since I’m cycling relatively (a few weeks) close behind them, we often have contact about road conditions and visa applications. They are know as the guys from Cape2Cape, but let’s zoom in to their adventure.

Fabian and Adrian at the starting point at North Cape, together with another friend.

Tell us something about yourself:

Adrian: I’m Adrian, own a Masters Degree in Chemistry and enjoy different kinds of sports. My biggest passion is traveling and I love to discover new areas of our beautiful planet.

Fabian: I’m Fabian from Switzerland. After completing my apprenticeship as a carpenter, I studied wood construction engineering. In addition to cycling I spend my time in the Alps for mountaineering or ski touring.

Adrian is a chemist (left) and Fabian is wood construction engineer, but first they want to be adventurists.

Tell us something about your trip:

A: We cycled already 23.000 km on this trip and have not paid for accommodation since more than six months.

F: We cycled through 24 countries and spent more than 1100 hours in the saddle.

Their cycled route:

What is your motivation?

A: Exploring new cultures and learn more about myself.

F: To discover new countries and cultures. And if it is possible to connect the two capes with the bicycle…

What has been the most memorable moment of the trip so far?

The incredible hospitality of the people in West Africa.

What did you learn so far?

A: Life is not about what you have, it’s about what you do with whatever you have.

F: A “no” in Africa is not always a no. With patience much is possible…

Cycling together is not for everyone, especially not on such a huge trip. How do you guys make sure you get along well?

You are right! So far it works great. A reason for this is certainly that we have the same views on most of the travel aspects. Of course we have sometimes our discussions and arguments. To talk about disagreements is the key for us! Additionally, cycling is helpful to gain a bit of distance to each other as well.

What do you want to share with fellows?

A: Warmshowers is a really amazing alternative to staying with locals or wild camping.

F: The application iOverlander is really useful for this kind of traveling.

What are your biggest regrets and prides?

A: My regret is that I didn’t start cycle touring earlier in my life. And my pride is that we are already on the road since almost 1,5 years and still enjoy it.

F: My regret is that I have not seen my niece and nephew yet. And my pride is that I have made
it so far and still enjoy it.

Other questions:

Adrian’s answer left • Fabian’s answer right

  • Favorite country? Iran • Morocco
  • Cycled in which countries? Both in Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, The Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Sierra Leona, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo
  • Model bike? Trek Crossrip 3 2018 • Trek Crossrip 3 2018
  • Favorite book? 1984 George Orwell • Snowman (Jo Nesbo)
  • Favorite movie? The Big Lebowski • Yes Man
  • Hotel or camping in the wild? Camping on top of the Taal volcano in the Philippines • Definitely wild camping
  • Hot shower or hot meal after ride? Hot meal • Hot meal
  • City or nature? Nature • Nature
  • Rice or potatoes? Potatoes • Potatoes
  • Beer or wine? Beer • Beer
  • Mayonnaise or sambal? Sambal • Neither
  • Omnivore or herbivore? Omnivore • Omnivore
  • Travel fast or slow? Slow • Slow
  • Website?

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