Cycle Guide Sierra Leone

The contrast here is huge. The places that have tarmac, do have incredibly good roads, sometimes even with 4 lanes and a shoulder for cyclers. But there are plenty of areas without tarmac roads. This is all due to the Chinese, who build good roads to improve the trading network and to dig up valuable minerals. Sierra Leone itself has a wild history with coups and civil wars, but now seems quiet and building towards a future. 


A visa is required. It seems possible to apply online and will cost $100. I got my own visa via a guy on Warmshowers who lived in Freetown.

Guinea, Conakry

iOverlander / OSM

  • 1 month, single entry, $100
Liberia, Monrovia

No information 🙁


Quick facts


Language English, local languages 
Currency SLL (2019: €1 = SLL 10.700) 
Religion Islam, Christianity
Climate Tropical 
SIM card Orange
GDP-rank #185 (of 192 countries)


Border crossings

See & Do



Yes, Freetown was actually the town of free men during the slavery. It’s a lively city, with stunning beaches and a few incredible peaks which are visible from all places around. The warm water and the soft waves make is an excellent place to rest your legs.

Jungle railway track


Between Freetown and Bo there is a hidden jungle track, which ones hosted a railway. It’s amazing how smooth the gravel track is, and the many wooden bridges make it a real adventure.

Tiwai Islands

iOverlander / OSM

If your pockets allow it, you can try to find pygmy hippo during the night at this place. 


Wild camping

Possible, but there are lots of people everywhere, so consider asking permission first.

Formal Camping

A great way of meeting locals and sleeping in your own comfortable bed. Ask anyone in a village and they will search a spot for you.


Some places have accomodation, but it’s expensive, the cheapest is around SLL 100.000. 


Not very common, only big cities offer CS hosts.


Bike shops
Food & Drinks
  • Onroad: Egg with bread (±7.000 SLL) 
  • Local food: Rice, bushmeat, fish
  • Local drink: Palm wine

Generally safe to cycle, be cautious in big cities.

  • Guinea to Liberia (gpx)



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