Cycle Guide São Tomé and Principe

As pearls sticking out of the ocean, this group of islands does guarantee adventure, no matter what. The steamy mountains look over the forgotten boulevards and slowly decays the stately Portuguese settlements.


You can visit the country without visa for 15 days.

Border crossings


From Accra there is good flight connection with TAPair.


From Gabon there is a flight connection with ASKY Airline.

Quick facts


Language Portuguese
Currency Dobra (2019: €1 = STN 24,5) 
Religion Christianity
Climate Tropical 
SIM card CST
GDP-rank #146 (of 192 countries)

See & Do

Sao Tome

The capital and biggest city of the largest island is also called Sao Tome. Here you find the main history of the country, crowded markets, “leve leve” daily life and delicious fish plates. Visit the chocolate shop Claudio Corallo for the unique bitterless chocolate.


You can only visit this island by airplane from Sao Tome. It appears to be even wilder than the Sao Tome.

Ilheu das Rolas

A small island on the equator, which you can walk around in about 2 hours, along the stunning coast and some golden beaches. If you go to this island from Sao Tome, you will pass Pesqueira Waterfall and Pico Cao Grande.


Wild camping

The country is very hilly, but there are some spots where you might pitch your tent. The beaches look attractive to camp at as well, but locals advices me not to do it because of robbers.

Formal Camping

There are some places where you can camp at, like hotels. 


There are hotels around the island, but they are very expensive. Some hotels might offer campgrounds.


Not very common, only Sao Tome offer CS hosts.


Bike shops

Unknown, but the best chances are somewhere in Sao Tome.

Food & Drinks
  • Onroad: Corn (10 STN)
  • Local food: Fish
  • Local drink: Local beer

Generally safe to cycle, be cautious in big cities. I almost got attacked during my first night, when I walked on the street of Sao Tome in the dark.

  • Sao Tome East (gpx)
  • Sao Tome West (gpx)



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