Cycle Guide Morocco

I think a lot of people agree with me if I say that Morocco is a paradise for cyclers. And then I’m talking about the real Morocco, not the crowded touristic places. Come in touch with the incredible hospitable local people, who easily share their food with you. Having a huge diversity in landscapes, a cycle trip can be adjusted to any wishes. The outstanding Atlas ranges are the pearl, while the remote and dull Sahara has its charm.


Morocco is visa free for 3 months, how awesome!

Border crossings


There are several ferries departing and arriving to different places. I took a ferry from Tarfaya to Tanger.


Warning: Between Morocco and Mauritania is a no mans land, claimed by Polisario. Between the 2 borders, you shouldn’t go off the gravel road. The gravel road itself is no problem, as many cars and people pass it.

Guerguerat (OSM)

Quick facts


Language French, Arabic, local languages 
Currency Dirham (2019: €1 = MAD 10) 
Religion Islam
Climate Sahelian
SIM card Maroc Telecom
GDP-rank #128 (of 192 countries)


See & Do

There are plenty of things to do in amazing Morocco. Here I just sum my three best experiences.

The Atlas Ranges

This is not one activity, but can easily be marked as an entire trip. Get lost in the beautiful mountains. There are hundreds of roads, but where ever you go you will find beauty. Tizi-n-Test (OSM) was the absolute highlight, if you’re seeking for a single spot. 


There are plenty of cities drenched in culture to be found, but Marrakesh, Fes and Chefchaouen are probably one of the ones worth a visit the most. 


Cycling in the Sahara can be dull, boring, though and mind killing, but it truly is an awesome experience to cover the largest desert on earth by bicycle. There is a road along the coast which mostly has a strong wind that goes from North to South. Along the coast you can find hundreds of soldier posts, which are great spots for camping as the soldiers like some companion and even share their delicious food. 


Wild camping

Quite easy, although especially in the North there are many people everywhere, so it might be difficult to find a spot without being seen. 

Formal Camping

A great way of meeting locals and sleeping in your own comfortable bed. Ask anyone in a village and they will search a spot for you.


There are many paid accommodations, offering real hostel experiences for a good price.


WS is not very common, in the big cities you can find CS hosts. 


Bike shops

 Unknown, but the best chances are in the big cities.

Food & Drinks
  • Onroad: Bread with tuna 
  • Local food: Tajine, harira, kebab, couscous
  • Local drink: Tea (liquid sugar…)

Generally safe to cycle, be cautious in big cities.

  • North to South (gpx)



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#07 – Sand, straight roads and nothingness in the Sahara

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#06 – Reaching heaven

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#05 – Cycling the Middle Atlas Range

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#04 – A dive into Morocco’s culture

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