Cycle Guide Ghana

Ghana offers a great range of activities for cyclers, whether you cycle in the Islamic North or the Christian South, people live in harmony and like to give you a glimpse of their life.


A visa is required.

Cote d’Ivoire, Abidjan

iOverlander / OSM

It takes 4 days to get your visa here. There are a few documents required, check the iOverlander app. Be patient with the unhelpful lady. If you apply for a multi month visa, you don’t always get it as soon as you pass the border. They also ask for a Ivory Coast resident card, which you don’t have. Instead, write a explanation letter.

  • 1 month, CFA 40.000
  • 3 months, CFA 60.000
  • 6 months, CFA 90.000
  • 12 months, CFA 150.000
Togo, Lome

No information 🙁

Benin, Cotonou

iOVerlander / OSM

  • 48 hour, single entry, CFA 10.000

Quick facts


Language English, local languages 
Currency Cedi (2019: €1 = GHS 6,1) 
Religion Christianity, Islam, Voodoo 
Climate Tropical 
SIM card Orange
GDP-rank #139 (of 192 countries)

Border crossings

Cote d’Ivoire

See & Do

Mole National Park

iOverlander / OSM

Next to the stately mountains, a village with traditional tata houses – small mud castels – is still doing business the old way.

Volta Region

iOVerlander / OSM

Find refreshment under the rumbling Wli waterfall and explore the mountainous region around the Volta reservoir. It’s a beautiful area with plenty of awesome bike routes.


iOVerlander / OSM

Explore the vibrant and historical coastline by visiting Accra, Cape Coast and Busua.


Wild camping

Possible, but there are lots of people everywhere, so consider asking permission first.

Formal Camping

A great way of meeting locals and sleeping in your own comfortable bed. Ask anyone in a village and they will search a spot for you.


Most cities have accommodation. Room with fan should be around 20 Cedi, with AC a bit more. Expect bucket showers.


Not very common, only big cities offer CS hosts.


Bike shops

Unknown, but the best chances are somewhere in Accra and Kumasi.

Food & Drinks
  • Onroad: Omelette+bread / Spaghetti (±10 GHS) 
  • Local food: Banku, fufu, red red
  • Local drink: Palm wine, asaana

Generally safe to cycle, be cautious in big cities.

  • Ivory Coast to Togo in the North (gpx)



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