Cycle Guide Benin

A small, but long country. Pass through it in one day, or explore the inner depths more inland. The country offers an interesting history of their Voodoo religion. The people are very friendly, but also very poor. You can expect some begging. 


You can get a visa online at very easy, but you must have a credit card.

  • 1 month, single entry, €50
  • 1 month, multiple entry, €75
  • 3 month, multiple entry, €100
Togo, Lome

iOverlander / OSM

  • 15 days, multiple entry, CFA 20.000
Nigeria, Lagos

iOVerlander / OSM

  • 15 days, multiple entry, CFA 20.000

Quick facts


Language French, local languages 
Currency CFA (2019: €1 = CFA 655) 
Religion Islam, Christianity, Voodoo 
Climate Tropical 
SIM card MTN 
GDP-rank #168 (of 192 countries)

Border crossings

See & Do


iOverlander / OSM

A Voodoo drenched city that was once the capital of a powerful kingdom. Visit one of the many palaces, the fetish market, a Voodoo basilica, a Voodoo priest or the underground village.


iOVerlander / OSM

A beautiful village with a sad story. To avoid being enslaved, people started to build houses on stilts in the shallow water of the lake.


iOVerlander / OSM

Plenty of things to visit along the coastline, such as Grand-Popo, a phyton temple, the port of no return and the economic heart of Benin, Cotonou.


Wild camping

Possible, but there are lots of people everywhere, so consider asking permission first.

Formal Camping

A great way of meeting locals and sleeping in your own comfortable bed. Ask anyone in a village and they will search a spot for you.


Most cities have accommodation. Room with fan should be around 5.000 CFA, with AC a bit more. Expect bucket showers.


Not very common, only big cities offer CS hosts.


Bike shops

Unknown, but the best chances are somewhere in Cotonou.

Food & Drinks
  • Onroad: Omeltte+bread / Spaghetti (±800CFA) 
  • Local food: Wagasi cheese, Acaraje
  • Local drink: Sodabi

Generally safe to cycle, be cautious in big cities.

  • Boukombe to Cotonou (gpx)



#20 – Learning about Benin’s Voodoo and slave trade

Between the cotton fields and the majestic mountains, suddenly appeared traditional houses with an unique shape, made from clay, straw and wooden sticks. A woman guided me through one of these so called tata compounds. From the kitchen we enter the bathroom on the roof, where clay surfaces monopolize the […]

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