#04 – A dive into Morocco’s culture

While reading a book on my e-reader, a car stops near my tent and horns. Would it be for me, or not? It horns again, so I get out of the tent. A police car. A man steps outside his car and walks towards me. “Passport please”, asks the man in the impressive uniform. Some photos of the passport, some phonecalls and the appearance of three other men later I am commanded to clear up my tent and follow the police car. “It’s not safe here, so I will bring you to the city hall where you and your bike will be safe”. It was all a little bit suspicious, but there was no absolutely noharm or evil act in his worries, he just wanted me to be safe.


#02 – Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela

I woke up and gasped for fresh air. My mummy sleeping bag was covering my whole body, including my face. There was a tiny hole to get a little bit of fresh air, but during my sleep I probably turned my head around. It was cold, very cold. While half awake I managed to widen the opening and to get my arms out. In the dark I tried to find my phone, with my cold hands, in order to check what time it is. “Oh gosh, it’s just 4 a.m., and I’m freezing now already”. With some more effort I got my emergency blanket and wrapped it around me. A few hours later I woke up again, soaked in the condensation of my own body. Did I regret being in this situation? Hell no.


All videos of the Silk Road trip

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